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By Melissa A. Sutherland

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E8 is a reasonable waiting move that says to White 'I want to see what you're doing next', but experience has taught me that the return to e8 also has constructive points. Kf7, protecting the kingside pawns and newly−born e−pawn. ¥b4!? 11 ¤e4 (11 ¥d2 ¥xc3! 12 ¥xc3 c5! is at least equal for Black. This is typical of what White should avoid. ¥f8?! ¥e7 should be preferred. a5!? ) 11 g4?! f6! XABCDEFGHY 8r+l+kvl-tr( 7+pzp-+-zp-' 6-+p+-zpn+& 5zp-+-zP-vLp% 4-+-+-+P+$ 3+-sN-+NmKP# 2PzPP+-zP-+" 1tR-+-+R+-!

B4 then 16 ¤xb4!! ) 16 ¤b4!! A beautiful move, which leaves Black without any satisfactory response to White's main threats of 17 Nbc6 or 17 Nxd5 followed 47 by Bxe7. So... 0-0 18 Nc6 Bxc6 19 Bxe7 Qd5 20 Bxf8. That was 1-0 in the game Rozentalis,E−Nickoloff,B/North Bay 1994. £xe4 8 ¦e1 £g6 9 d4 ¥g4 10 ¤e5?! ¥xd1 11 ¤xg6 hxg6 12 ¦xd1 0-0-0 13 ¤c3 ¤f5 and Black was doing very well in the game Tonoli,J−Motwani,P/Strombeek−Bever rapid tournament, Belgium 1999. f6 , see the 'C69 book'. 6 h3 h5 7 d3 White naturally avoids 7 hxg4?

6 d4 ¤ge7 7 ¥e3 ¤g6 XABCDEFGHY 8r+-wqkvl-tr( 7+pzpl+pzpp' 6p+nzp-+n+& 5+-+-zp-+-% 4L+-zPP+-+$ 3+-zP-vLN+-# 2PzP-+-zPPzP" 1tRN+QmK-+R! xabcdefghy 8 h4! This aggressive advance is possible now since White cleverly did not castle kingside earlier on because he anticipated the arrival of a black knight on g6. h5 9 g3 White secures his h−pawn so that the f3−knight will be free to move, as happens very soon in the game. ¥e7 10 d5 White already stands well on the kingside, so now he starts to gain space and make progress on the opposite wing too.

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