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Checkmate! those fun-filled mind teasers increases your ability. every one chessboard puzzle has its items in a especially conceived tough association. you need to whole a given activity in a selected variety of strikes: "White to play and mate in 5 strikes, " for instance. a few puzzles sharpen either your protective and offensive acumen, and plenty of specialize in your endgame-the most vital part of chess. suggestions are within the again. one hundred forty four pages, 2 hundred colour illus., five 3/8 x eight 1/4.

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Rxd4 Ke7! Rhd8!? Be2 h5 was more exact. h5 was deserving of consideration. Bh7 Nc6! e6? Ne7! Note the trapped bishop on h7! com/SmartChessOnline/SmartChessOnline/archive/Articles/karp... 7/8/2004 Karpov On The Net! Page 1 of 3 Bishops Of Opposite Colors (BOOC) Gata Kamsky v Anatoly Karpov Elista 1996 (m/14) Bishops Of Opposite Colors have played important roles in my World Championship Match career. Here is an important win for me from my last World Championship match. It took place the day after I had successfully defended a long and difficult ending two pawns down.

Rc6+!? Kg2 White adopts a wait and see policy. Kg2 Now he carries his passivity a bit too far. com/SmartChessOnline/SmartChessOnline/August%201997/kar... 7/8/2004 Karpov On The Net! Bb5! here to threaten Rc2-c6 offering the exchange of rooks which if allowed would secure the draw for White. Kg2 g5 The kingside majority is set in motion. Kf1 Rh6 A little probing now before the kingside pawn break with f5-f4. Kg2 f4 Due to his previous passive play, White is faced with difficult choices. f3!? but of course this would give Black other possibilities to exploit his advantages.

The White king scoots up the board to recoup the b-pawn. Be7. Bb2! White threatens to play Bb2-a3 and begin penetrating on the queenside. Any attempt Black makes to defend weakens his postion decisively. com/SmartChessOnline/SmartChessOnline/archive/Articles/ron.... b4 Of course now the b-pawn is hopelessly surrounded. Kb4, and White wins in all variations. d6! Karpov surrenders his proud passed d-pawn to achieve a winning opposition in the king and pawn endgame. Kd5 Kf6 64. Kd6 etc. Faced with this futile defensive task, Black Resigned.

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