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Viorel Bologan (one of the apologists of this system on the white side) has played this way in his recent games. Kasparov: Correct: otherwise White is slightly worse. f4 Here we go. The b7-bishop is having a tedious time, whereas the e5-square is under White’s control. It is time to launch an attack on the black king. Ne4! ) A serious mistake. Rhf1 White has sufficient compensation for the pawn, though there is nothing really dangerous for Black. 22…dxe4 Black has managed to extend the diagonal by one square.

Black is initiating play on the wing where she feels stronger. Kh1 Qf6 I am under the impression that Black’s strategy is fruitful. Her position looks slightly better. Nb1 Consistently played. The knight is close to the coveted c3-square. Qh6 Chess classics! Judit is playing on the dark squares in compliance with well-known patterns. The black bishop is ready to leap to f4 or e3. Nc3 Every party has his or her advantages. The white knight might continue his trip by heading to b5. Another possible plan of White is to carry out a2-a3 and b2-b4.

This is a questionable decision. Sasha is opening the position. However, it looks like the white rooks will make use of it first! Rc6 followed by a7-a5. Bc5! A precise reply! b4! This way White has completely untied his rooks. White appears to be much better. Rcb6 with the idea a7-a5. fxg4 Rc8 It is very important for Black to return his rook from exile. Rxe5 Rc8! was another option. Rc3 Bb5?! Where is this bishop going? Why? Sasha should have returned it to e6. Bxa7! Greed is not a sin, but the virtue of a strong chess player.

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