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Page 51 / 104 2005 US Chess Championship Anna Hahn. Trust us, she's a killer! Boris Gulko (left) made short work of Cyrus Lakdawala. The Spanish-language mega-channel Univision came to the tournament to do a report. They interviewed all five of the Cuban-Americans playing in the event and ran a full report on the local station here in San Diego, which has a huge Hispanic population. Let us know if you see the report anywhere else! Page 52 / 104 2005 US Chess Championship GM Julio Becerra is ready for his close-up.

Today I managed to win my game against Kaidanov after a difficult struggle. Qb4. c6 instead he was slightly better. So after the win today I am now tied for first place with Stripunsky. big shout out to family, friends, and the ICC hooligans. Peace out. Blogger: IM Dmitry Schneider Well, at least I was losing. Having a phone ring to end a game is definitely not very satisfying and very frustrating. My opponent deserved to win though, he played very well until he mixed up the move order with Bxf6?

After being in control most of the way, Nick missed a nice exchange sacrifice in mutual time trouble and was instantly lost. Nakamura finished off with his customary precision. 5/4. 5/4. Alexander Stripunsky continued to look the part and walk the walk of the Terminator. With his black sunglasses on from start to finish he took out one of the favorites, Kentucky GM Gregory Kaidanov, in a long game. The consensus among the commentators was that Kaidanov was fine but risked too much trying to win and was punished.

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