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When a voltage is applied with positive polarity on the n-side and negative on the p-side (reverse bias), the electrons on the n-side and the holes on the p-side are drawn away from the junction. 14. 14 DETECTOR SYSTEMS OVERVIEW p n V Fig. 14. Adjoining regions of p- and n-type doping form a pn-junction (top). The charge of the mobile electrons and holes (circled) is balanced by the charge of the atomic cores, so charge neutrality is maintained. When an external potential is applied with positive polarity on the n-side and negative polarity on the p-side (bottom), the mobile charges are drawn away from the junction.

Alternative materials are discussed briefly in Chapter 2. At high energies pair production can be used to determine the direction of gamma rays by detecting the emitted electrons and positrons in a silicon strip tracker (Chapter 8). 8 Sensor structures II – monolithic pixel devices In the early years of large-scale semiconductor detectors the monolithic integration of large scale sensors with electronics was viewed as the “holy grail”. Clearly, it is an appealing concept to have a 6 × 6 cm2 detector tile that combines a strip detector and 1200 channels of readout electronics with only the power and data readout as external connections.

Hence, the electrical segmentation is determined by the electrode pitch, rather than the width. Since the response function is essentially box-like, the position resolution of a single detector is equal to the strip pitch p. 25) −p/2 √ so the root mean square (rms) resolution is the strip pitch divided by 12. 2. To first order the electrons and holes simply follow the field lines on which they originated and end on a certain electrode. In reality, however, they are also subject to thermal diffusion, which spreads the charge cloud transversely as the charges drift through the detector, with an rms width σy = √ 2Dt .

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