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With extra tha 4,000 enteries, this dictionary is the 1st of its type: a treasury of colour phrases and words, a accomplished source for exploring each element of colour.

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N black and white Not in colour; in reference to the distinction between non-colour television programmes or photographs and those supported by colour; descriptive of a regimen based on two extremes with no middle course. Slang for a ‘police car’. n black arts, the The practice of witch-craft. vb blackball; to To vote against an applicant or candidate, for example, for club membership; to ostracize. The phrase originates from the system of voting in secret where each voter has a black and a white ball either of which he may place in the voting box – the black ball signifying a negative vote.

C blackcurrant The colour of the round black berry of the saxifrage family. n Black Death, the The Bubonic Plague which it is estimated killed a quarter of the population of Europe in the 14th century. It was not called the Black Death until 1823. n black diamond Slang for truffles. Also a type of Brazilian diamond. See diamond colours. n black dwarf A small dense star resulting from a cooled white dwarf. n black economy In reference to earnings which are not disclosed to the revenue authorities or other appropriate Government authority; trading which is unlawful or underground.

N aurora borealis The phenomenon consisting of streams of light (usually red, yellow, and green) moving across the sky at the North Pole. See previous entry. c aurora yellow Another name for cadmium yellow. a auroral Resembling the dawn in colour as well as in other respects. a aurorean Having the brilliant colours of the dawn. a aurose Golden. a austere As regards colours, sombre. n autochrome process The first effective form of colour photography. The process, making use of a plate and starch, was invented by the Lumière brothers Auguste (1862-1954) and Louis (1864-1948) in 1907 and was employed until the 1940’s.

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