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By Ernic Kamerich (auth.)

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This "hands-on" publication is for those who have an interest in instantly placing Maple to paintings. The reader is supplied with a compact, quick and surveyable consultant that introduces them to the large features of the software program. The ebook is adequate for traditional use of Maple and may supply concepts for extending Maple for extra really good paintings. the writer discusses the reliability of effects systematically and provides methods of trying out questionable effects. The e-book permits a reader to develop into a consumer shortly and is helping him/her to develop steadily to a broader and more adept use. as a result, a few topics are handled in an introductory method early within the ebook, with references to a extra unique dialogue later on.

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Function: subs - substitute subexpressions into an expression Then you can see how subs can be used: Calling Sequence: subs(x=a,expr) subs(sl, ... ,sn,expr) up to now, only the first way of using subs has been demonstrated. Then you can see what type of parameters can be used. l on page 275. Now a description of the action of subs is given: Description: • The tirst form of the subs command substitutes a for x in the expression expr. The remaining part of the description is omitted here; these remarks require explanations given later in this book.

The arithmetic operators +, -, and * can be used in conjunction with mod an integer, and even division, if possible, can be carried out with / . > 20*x-5 - 12*x - 2 mod 3; 2x 5 +1 > 1/2 mod 9; 5 Calculation ofpowers in conjunction with mod can be considerably faster with &A. See also the on-line help about Power and Powmod. > 7 &- 1000000 mod 3; 1 These constructions with mod can be applied in cases with variables as welI, for instance on polynomials over Z mod n. For univariate and bivariate polynomials over the integers modulo a prime p, modp1 and modp2 are available.

Generally, the value 1 gives sufficient information. It is a good idea to reset things immediately: > infolevel[solveJ := O: 16 1. 11 The sign % for abbreviations in output For complicated results, Maple can make results more readable by using abbreviations. For instance, > x~3 - a*x - 1; x3 - ax-l > solve( % , x ); 1 %1(1/3) 6 +2 a %1(1/3) , a a %W/ m(1(; 1 vm(1 21 3 (; 1 1 12 %1(1/3)_ %1(1/3) +2 1 v3 %1(1/3) - 2 1 12 %1(1/3) - %1(1/3) - 2 3) %1 := 108 + 12 J-12a 3 + 81 %1~1/3) ) %1~1/3) ) , The result of sol ve is a sequence of three numbers.

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