New PDF release: Accelerated Dragons (Chess Openings)

By Jeremy B. Silman, John Donaldson

ISBN-10: 1857442083

ISBN-13: 9781857442083

Many avid gamers are interested in the Dragon Sicilian, yet are cast off through the fierce mating assaults that White can release. within the sped up Dragon, Black goals for a more robust model, saving a movement along with his queen's pawn. If White attempts to disregard the adaptation, Black's speedy detonation of the centre will come as an unwelcome chilly shower!The authors express that White's major answer, the Maroczy Bind, isn't so fearsome as was inspiration Black has many ways to damage out, whereas often it really is attainable to manoeuvre round White's 'binding pawns' and express that they imprison White's items up to they do Black's.

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Txd5? a3 14 b3 e5 15 ~b5 e4 is more energetic) 140-0 exd5 15 c5 = AIvarez-Shure, New York 1993. txdS ιαιdS 10... ~xd4 (Shaba1ov has played this move severa1 times ίη his native LatVΊa but, ιο our knowledge, this is the οηlΥ published game with his idea, which is to get ίη ... 1c4 34 g5 Φf8 35 Φc3 and White won οη move 49 ίη de Firmian-Shabalov, Chicago 1994. W Now we have another major parting of the ways. White has: Β481: 11lt}xdS 52 B4a2: 11 exdS 54 8481) 11lt}xdS rs Black's most dynamic choice.

Te6 17 :fd 1 is ± according Ιο Kurajica; worthy οί attention is 11 ... txg7 ~xg7 140-0 {14 lCιd5 :e6 15 "d4+ ί6 was Morosov-Ojanen, coa 1982} 14... tb7 with equality, Fischer-Reshevsky, New York (4) 1961). e513~e3~b7140-Of5 15 f3 fxe4 16 fxe4 :xf1+ 17 "xfl ~h8 18 "d3 ± ShamkoVΊch-Wade, Moscow 1962. Uogele Variation: Main Line with 7... χe5 with a winning position for White, Estrin-de Carbonnel, cοπ 1971. 4b3) 12 ... txf6? •xc3+ 18 ~f1 d5 - ana1ysis by Iιlllcslaνsky. te5 and White enjoys a clear plus, Martin Gonzalez-Garcia Blanco, Candas 1992.

D6 to follow. xd8 15 c3 d6 16lbxc8 ':axc8 was equal ίη Ioakimidis-Donaldson, Athens 1980. xd4 B3c: 11 '8'h4! 1xc3+ 19 bxc3 bxa4 20 bxa4 'tIfxa4 21 ο-ο :Σc7 22 ':d3 ':b8 and Black was clearly better ίη GafikPetursson, Groningen 1978/9. :a67! Markovic-Nik~evic, Yugoslav Ch (Banja Vrucica) 1991. fc8,lanokvic-Todorovic, Belgrade GMA 1988. 2) 13"d2 (preparing 00 by giving b2 some support) 13 ... ) 16... b5!. The consistent follow-up to Black's previous play. The weakness of White's queenside pawns gives Black a decided Uogele Vαriαtion: Mαin Line with 7...

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