Mao's Road to Power: Revolutionary Writings 1912-1949: New - download pdf or read online

By Stuart R. Schram, Zedong Mao, Nancy Jane Hodes

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Nevertheless, we should not expect that, despite his overall and cumulative cogency, Mao would be always at the top of his game. Indeed, many of his writings here convey the tentativeness of someone thinking aloud, of trying out ideas on paper to see them more clearly. There are arenas and occasions-his analysis of international affairs and his treatment of conflict with the Nationalists in central China in late 1940 and early 1941 are perhaps the most salient examples-when Mao appears mercurial, contradictory, less than prescient.

20. See below, "Estimate of the Situation in the International War," December 12, 1941. This telegram ends with the full text of the six points Mao had put forward at the Politburo meeting of December 8, indicating that they should not be made public. 21. "On Protracted War," in Volume VI. pp. 319-89, especially pp. 360-89. INTRODUCf/ON xlix pressures both from Japan and domestically, and pessimism within China. In late December 1938, Mao's foresight was confirmed by the defection of Chiang Kaishek's most formidable rival, Wang Jingwei, to the Japanese side.

Any sense that these were contradictory symbols would have been diminished by the fact that from an early age Mao never advocated exclusive reliance on either Chinese or Western values, but repeatedly sought a synthesis of the two. ''2 In a sense, this sentence sums up the problem he sought to resolve throughout his whole career: How could China develop an advanced civilization, and become rich and powerful, while remaining Chinese? As shown by the texts contained in Volume I, Mao's early exposure to "Westernizing" influences was not limited to Marxism.

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